Operations Director for Dallas SEO Dogs

Promoted within Dallas SEO Dogs to manage the entire SEO/SEM division of the agency. Developed processes and company employee handbook which allowed the company to grow from 25 to 120+ client campaigns, established a new employee compensation and benefits plan & helped the company grow from $650k to $1.6mil in yearly revenue.

Project Coordinator for Dallas SEO Dogs

Promoted within Dallas SEO Dogs to manage a team of project managers and specialists. Set up the procedures and systems needed for the company to grow from 4 employees to 18 by standardizing the companies SEO best practices, creating white papers & automating routine project processes.

Project Manager for Dallas SEO Dogs

Managed 25 – 65 SEO & Pay-per-click website projects each month to improve our clients website traffic and leads month over month, served as the client’s main point of contact to ensure client satisfaction & created campaigns for companies in multiple industries

Constructed The Ninja Garden

Finished initial construction on The Ninja Garden which was the first Ninja Warrior and Calisthenics training facility open to the public in North Texas. It was available for workouts once a week and by appt, along with holding annual Ninja Warrior Course Competitions.