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Developed the process by which Oyokey KeyTags are picked up by search engines & how the Oyokey system integrates with Google Products.

While I was working with OYOKEY as their Marketing and Software Integration Specialist, I was initially brought on to the team to support and create strategies for raising awareness of the KeyTag product, along with increasing the value and usability of the KeyTag product for its users. I created the framework for the OYOKEY website, launched the social media pages for the company, and optimized the content for SEO efficiency.

As the project progressed, I was able to utilize more of my skills to add value to to product by finding new ways for the KeyTags to integrate with Google Products such as Adwords and Google Maps. I automated the method that KeyTags creates Ads through the Adwords API and improved on the way that the KeyTag system fetches information from Google searches. I was also able to utilize my presentation and people skills while demonstrating the product at tradeshows and being a part of the pitch team while sharing the system with venture capital investors within my own network.

This project had many challenges during the duration of my time with the organization, but we were able to meet the numerous challenges as a team and there was both room and trust for each team member to be adaptable, while also allowing me to set written standards and automate the processes so that the organization did not have to repeat the same challenges.