I hired Eric onto our team in June of 2020 to assist with Auth0’s review site programs. During his time working as my direct hire, he took the initiative to take the lead on these existing programs and also find additional methods to create revenue pipeline streams.

When Eric started the position based on the work started by the previous contractor, he was able to understand the processes and role responsibilities very quickly. Within the first two weeks, Eric independently took on all of the role’s tasks expertly and ensured that nothing fell through the cracks. His ability to understand the requirements and organizational structure preempted many roadblocks with internal communication.

Eric took the initial processes and was able to show results, and then replicate the processes to expand the program to include multiple additional review sites. Furthermore, Eric identified marketing funnels which could provide additional lead sources and proposed implementation plans that followed through from first touch to the hand-off to the sales team. Over the time as my direct hire, these marketing funnels resulted in positive ROI for the team.

I also tasked Eric with managing a new email nurture series, which involved some amount of complexity and working across diverse systems and teams. He documented the flows, figured out measurement systems, and utilized his prior experience with Marketo to refine the targeting.

Eric has not only been able to juggle multiple projects at once, his interactions with the team have been very positive and informative. He has been a valued member of the team whose efforts have been appreciated.

I’m confident that the excellent work ethic Eric has demonstrated during the course of his employment will carry over to any future endeavors. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any project and would work with him again if the opportunity arose.


– Jared Waxman, Head of Growth Marketing, Auth0


Eric is the consummate professional. Though we never worked directly at Oyokey, I’ve watched him perform tasks in business and outside work that show his attention to detail. He has the ability to lead and be lead. Eric also has a great work ethic. He completes goals within timelines set by him or for him.

– Conrad Alagaban, Consultant, Con Soleil Consulting


In the time that I’ve known Eric I have found him to be one who takes each experience he is involved with as an opportunity to expand his understanding and add to his sense of reality. He finds the lesson and blessing in those experiences and looks for new adventures to enhance his growth. Eric has impressed me in the ways that he routinely thinks outside of the box, imagining more effective ways to do accomplish goals. I have enjoyed his upbeat attitude while working with him, and have seen the same as he interacts with his peers and university staff. Eric has held leadership positions in numerous academic and non-academic organizations and has used his analytical, problem-solving skills, maturity and creative outside-the-box thinking to enhance his well-rounded life perspective. Eric enjoys speaking with everyone he meets and embraces those opportunities to learn and develop deep friendships. I have absolutely enjoyed the chance to know Eric, and I am looking forward to watching and supporting his efforts in the years to come. I highly recommend this dynamic young man and confidently believe that he will be an asset to any organization that is aligned with his skills and passions.

– Bruce Bradford, President & CEO, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce


Eric met or exceeded every expectation in his role isolating and resolving customer trouble reports associated with system performance network trouble showing definite commitment. He volunteered for extra hours to help the organization meet our monthly objectives and commitment to the customer.

-Kathy Hanson, Network Repair Bureau Supervisor, Verizon Wireless


Professional Leadership is exactly where Eric belongs. He is already on the road to a very positive professional life and this experience would help to ready him for what comes next. Any organization that Eric touches will gain value simply by adding him to their ranks. He is a sharp, reflective leader who is very socially savvy and takes cues from others well.

-Kyle Turner


Eric continues to assist one of the family businesses as staff supervisor and manager of Giggles and Grunt and Off the Wall Bouncers, a full party entertainment company. He produces marketing materials and website presence for several of the family businesses, including those operated by his mother. Most of the marketing ideas and development come from his visions. He schedules workers and provides logistics of when and where equipment is to be deployed. He is works well in any capacity he is called on to execute. Eric’s major strength is his high intelligence. He is able to quickly grasp concepts and develop plans for implementation. He is physically strong having been featured in several episodes of American Ninja Warrior and studying with other strength-oriented groups. He is an extremely talented computer technologist. He works well with all level of people, administrators, staff and everyday citizens. He is confident in his knowledge of his skills. Eric is looking to go farther and do better. He is a lifelong learner and wants to learn new things, in new places and meet new interesting colleagues.

-Zira Smith, Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, City Colleges of Chicago, Northern IL University, Illinois State University