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While I was working with Dallas SEO Dogs on Divorce Granted’s project, I acted as the operations director and paid search ads manager for most of the project. During my time as operations director, I established the goals and scope of the project, while overseeing the work of the PPC Specialist who created the initial campaigns and being the contact point between the specialist and the client.

After a few months overseeing the project, the specialist left the project and I stepped in as the PPC manager. I optimized the campaigns and dove into the performance of the campaigns to see what was working and what could be improved upon. After making needed changes to the campaigns, the results of the ads improved significantly and the client was making a significant profit over what they were spending on the paid ads through Adwords each month. After 18 months of a profitable run with Adwords, we suggested also using Bing Ads to increase their reach and effectively use their budget. I set up and managed their Bing Ads campaigns which also produced results that pleased the client and their bottom line.

This project had many challenges at the outset, such as communication and scheduling issues between the specialist and the client, but as we were able to show positive results and build trust with the client. Once I set some standards and procedures for the paid ads work, we increased the amount of transparency with the work done on the campaigns for the agency and client, and we also saw much better results from the ads.